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Make management decisions based on your field's spatial variability!

Get maximum value out of your portable Field Scout meters. SpecMaps allows you to easily upload georeferenced data files from any Field Scout meter to our specially designed, web-based software. Statistical interpolation is used to create charts that give you and your clients an instant visual picture of the spatial variability across the landscape. Data is archived at the server, so your maps can be easily accessed from any computer with access to the internet. Monitor localized dry spots on a golf green, compacted zones on a soybean field, or nitrogen-deficient sections of your vineyard. SpecMaps is your edge in effective crop and soil management.

Compatible only with:
- Field Scout CM-100 (Chlorophyll Meter)
- SPAD 502DL (Chlorophyll Meter)
- Field Scout TCM 500 (Turf Color Meter)
- Field Scout pH 110 (pH Meter)
- Field Scout EC 110 (EC Meter)
- Field Scout SC 900 (Soil Compaction Meter)
- Field Scout TDR 300 (Soil Compaction meter)

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