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The SM 802 combines two essential readings for efficient crop production, pH and conductivity (EC), in a handheld meter that will fit any budget. Soil or well water that is too acidic or alkaline can have an adverse affect on plant nutrient and water uptake and directly affect your fertilizer efficiency. Conductivity of soil is an excellent indication of nutritive salt presence.

Features include 150 hour battery life, temperature compensation, TDS ratio calculation, and +/- 0.2 pH, 2% EC scale accuracy. The SM 802 comes with a hand-held meter, calibration solution, and a carrying case.

0.00 a 14.00 pH
0.0 a 6.00 mS/cm
0 a 4000 ppm

0.10 pH
0.01 mS/cm
10 ppm

+/-0.2 pH
+/- 2% escala completa (EC & TDS)

TDS Radio:

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