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Have You Seen Your Sun Lately?

Discover the fun of daytime astronomy with an Orion Deluxe Safety Film Solar Filter. With one of these affordable, high-quality filters attached to a telescope, you can explore our nearest star safely.

Our complete line of Deluxe Safety Film Solar Filters feature renowned Baader AstroSolar Safety Film in a sturdy, clear-anodized aluminum cell. The high-quality polymer film material is metallized on both sides with an ion-deposited coating to form a safe barrier against all but 0.0001% of incoming sunlight to provide a clear, crisp view while rejecting harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

Orion Deluxe Safety Film Solar Filters display a natural, neutral white view of the Sun's surface, without artificial tinting. Once attached to a telescope, these filters provide sharp, scatter-free views of sunspots, solar eclipses, planetary transits, solar granulation, and even white filamentary faculae - the latter of which cannot be seen with most other solar filters. Due to their neutral color balance, Orion Deluxe Safety Film Solar Filters can be used in tandem with various color eyepiece filters to accentuate certain spectral passbands for telescopic studies of different layers within the solar "atmosphere".

Each Orion Deluxe Safety Film Solar Filter is mounted in a clear-anodized aluminum cell for exceptional durability and sturdiness. Three nylon thumbscrews on each rugged aluminum cell complement the press-fit foam lining to provide additional grip for safe and secure telescope attachment, without scratching. Four 1/16" thick, and four 1/8" thick adhesive foam tabs are included with each filter to achieve a proper friction-fit with the telescope. A tight press fit is required for safe solar viewing.

Consult the chart below to determine the proper Orion Deluxe Safety Film Solar Filter for your telescope. Each filter fits telescope tube diameters up to ¼" smaller than the specified Inside Diameter size.

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