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Measure and record Chlorophyll N measurements in just seconds with the SPAD 502 Meter - now exclusively available with or without a built-in data logger!

The SPAD 502 Chlorophyll Meter instantly measures the amount of chlorophyll content, a key indicator of plant health. Simply clamp the meter over leafy tissue, and receive an indexed chlorophyll content reading (0-99.9) in less than 2 seconds.

Assess nitrogen needs by comparing in-field SPAD readings university guidelines or adequately fertilized check or reference strips. Research shows a strong correlation between SPAD measurements and leaf N content. You benefit by increasing reducing costly under/overfertilizing, increasing N-efficiency and producing healthier, higher-yield crops.

The SPAD 502 is now available with an integrated datalogger! The SPAD 502 DL includes all the features of a regular SPAD meter along with a GPS-compatible data logger. Store up to 4,096 measurements (1488 with GPS coordinates) for easy analysis. You can also add a data logger to your existing SPAD 502 - call for details.

Click to view a study on Chlorophyll measurement for Nitrogen in Wheat.
Click to view a study on Chloropyll Measurement for Nitrogen in Corn.
Click to view a study on Use of SPAD 502 for Nitrogen Assessment.

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