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These highly professional instruments are the ideal choice for the most complex laboratory activities. their infinity-focused objectives will produce perfectly collimated wavetrains of light, thus allowing the use of beamsplitters, polarizers, Wollaston prisms and so on. Furthermore, these models will also have none of the distortion and aberration problems of traditional microscopes.:

Features and Specifications:
* 360° revolving trinocular head, 30º inclined
* PL-10x18 High Point eyepiece paired
* Quadruple nosepiece
* Metal Stand with coarse and fine coaxial adjustment
* Coaxial, bilateral focusing with stop, 0.002mm graduable
* Planachromatic objectives DIN 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x with color correction
* Magnifications 40x, 100x, 400x and 1000x
* 132x140mm built in mechanical stage
* NA 1.22/0.24 swing out achromatic condenser
* NA achromatic condenser with double numeric aperture * Built in illuminator 6v/20w halogen bulb
* Filter-holder placed below the condenser with light blue filter in optical cristal
* Adjustment of brightness
* Blue filter
* Anti-dust cover

Optional Accessories:
* KN5126 Photographic adapter
* KN5360 Planoachromatic eyepiece P15x
* KN5361 Planoachromatic eyepiece P10x/18mm c/luz
* KN5362 Plan Contrast objective 10x
* KN5363 Plan Contrast objective 20x
* KN5364 Plan Contrast objective 40x
* KN5366 N.A. 1,25 Condenser
* KN5622 Planachromatic eyepiece P16x
* KN5620 Eyepiece 15x WF
* KN5621 Eyepiece 20x WF
* KN1300 Photo adapter for digital cameras

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