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This slide set from Konus is an excellent educational tool for teaching. The set includes 10 slides prepared sldes include the following:
1. Skin from axillary showing sweat glands, hair follicles.
2. Scalp showing hair follicles and sebaceous glands.
3. Finger nail, XS finger through the nail bed.
4. Parotid gland, a purely serous gland.
5. Sublingual gland, a mixed gland.
6. Esophagus and trachea, LS of both organs.
7. Gastric wall.
8. Intestin.
9. Appendix, XS.
10. Liver.
11. Pig liver, fibrous trabeculae between lobules.
12. Gall bladder.
13. Pancreas, secretioning acini and island of Langerhans.
14. Lung.
15. Aorta, XS H&E and elastic tissue stain.
16. Arteriy and vein elastic tissue stain.
17. Kidney, section of cortical zone.
18. Uretra, XS.
19. Urinary bladder.
20. Uterine tube (oviduct), sec. through ampulla.
21. Male gonad.
22. Spermatozoa smear
23. Prostate.
24. Bone marrow with developing blood cells.
25. Thyroid gland.

w.m. = whole mount; XS = cross section; LS = longitudinal section.

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Piggyback mount SC 10"