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An essential tool for effectively managing your nitrogen program.

The FieldScout CM 1000 NDVI Meter uses “point-and-shoot” technology to instantly measure reflected light in the red (660nm) and near infrared (840nm) spectral bands. Meter uses red and near infrared reflectances to calculate NDVI. At 12in(30cm), it integrates a 1.5in(4cm) diameter area on a plant leaf or, at 4ft(1.2m), a 4.5in(11cm) diameter spot on a plant. Laser guides outline the edges of the measured sample area. An ambient light sensor automatically corrects measurements for varying light conditions. The handheld meter calculates and displays a running average for multiple readings. Get greater utility with the built-in data logger for detailed analysis on your PC*. Data logger can function with or without a GPS receiver**. Durable and highly portable. Includes software.

* Spectrum’s PC cables connect to a 9-pin serial port. USB-Serial adapter (item SP03661USB) required for connection to computers with only USB ports. ** GPS interface requires two cables. The GPS/DGPS cable (item SP02950CV5) is available from Spectrum. A PC serial interface cable supplied by the manufacturer of the GPS receiver is also required.

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