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For better irrigation scheduling.

The ET107 is an automated weather station designed for irrigation scheduling in turf grass and commercial agriculture applications. The station calculates potential evapotranspiration (ETo), which is the amount of water lost from the soil due to evaporation and plant transpiration. Calculating evapotranspiration rate can aid in the development of an irrigation schedule that provides sufficient water without overwatering.

Benefits and Features

  • Monitors temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, and precipitation
  • Automatically calculates potential evapotranspiration (ETo)
  • Accurate measurements you can rely on
  • Pre-configured with some pre-assembly for easy installation
  • Rugged, low-power design for long-term, reliable operation
  • Looks great and fits well in public settings
  • Multiple sensor and communication options

Our ET107 ETo station consists of meteorological sensors, an aluminum 3-m pole, and an environmental enclosure that houses a CR1000M module and a 7-Ahr sealed rechargeable battery. The battery is recharged via ac power or a 10-W solar panel. Sealed circular connectors are provided on the outside of the enclosure to simplify sensor hookup.

Meteorological sensors included with the ET107 are the CS305-ET Solar Radiation Sensor, HMP60-ETS Air Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe, TE525-ET Tipping Bucket Rain Gage, and either the 034B-ETM Wind Set or WindSonic1-ETM 2-D Sonic Wind Sensor.

The ET107 can also measure the:

  • 107-LC Soil Temperature Probe (-35° to +50°C)
  • 108-LC Soil Temperature Probe (-5° to +95°C)
  • CS616-LC Soil Water Content Reflectometer
  • CS650-LC 30 cm Water Content Reflectometer Plus
  • CS655-LC 15 cm Water Content Reflectometer Plus
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