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The CR6 Measurement and Control Datalogger is a powerful core component for your data-acquisition system. The CR6 datalogger provides fast communication, low power requirements, built-in USB, compact size, and high analog input accuracy and resolution. It uses universal (U) terminals to allow a connection to virtually any sensor—analog, digital, or smart. This multipurpose data logger is also capable of doing static vibrating-wire measurements.

The CR6 measures almost any sensor with an electrical response, drives direct communications and telecommunications, reduces data to statistical values, performs calculations, and controls external devices. After measurements are made, data are stored in onboard, nonvolatile memory awaiting transfer to the computer. Because most applications do not require that every measurement be recorded, the program usually combines several measurements into computational or statistical summaries, such as averages and standard deviations.

Benefits and Features

  • Operational in extreme environments with a standard operating range of -40° to +70°C and an extended operating range of -55° to +85°C
  • Connects directly to a computer's USB port
  • U terminals configurable to what you want them to be: analog or digital, input or output
  • Supports static vibrating-wire measurements using our patented VSPECT™ spectral analysis technology
  • Differentiates even slight changes in data values with high-resolution measurements (to 0.05 µV, 24 bit Adc)
  • Contains an onboard CPI port for hosting Campbell sensors and distributed modules (CDMs)
  • Directly connects to Ethernet with 10/100 Ethernet RJ-45 or Ethernet over USB (virtual Ethernet)
  • Includes a microSD card drive for extended memory requirements
  • Provides simple serial sensor integration and measurement with SDI-12, RS-232, and/or RS-485
  • Supports full PakBus® networking
  • Includes an embedded web page for direct connection via web browser
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