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This slide set from Konus is an excellent educational tool for teaching. The set includes 10 slides prepared sldes include the following:
1. Squanomus epithelium amphibian.
2. Stratified squanomous epithelium.
3. Cuboidal epithelium.
4. Simple columnar epithelium.
5. Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium.
6. Ciliated epithelium.
7. Transitional epithelium.
8. White fibrous tissue rat tail.
9. Reticular tissue.
10. Adipose tissue.
11. Hyaline cartilage.
12. Elastic cartilage.
13. Fiber cartilage.
14. Bone, human.
15. Bine developing, cartilage, joint and finger of foetus.
16. Blood, fish.
17. Blood, sparrow.
18. Blood, human.
19. Striated muscle, teased prep. showing whole fibers, nuclei, fibrillae and striations.
20. Smooth involuntary muscle teased preparation.
21. Heart muscle, teased prep. showing branching cells, striation and intecal. disks.
22. Muscle and tendon LS.
23. Nerve cells, sec. spinal cord, silver impr.
24. Nerve XS and LS H&E.
25. Motor nerve endings in intercostal miscles, gold impr..

w.m. = whole mount; XS = cross section; LS = longitudinal section.

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Piggyback mount SC 12"